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Instant Meditation

(Introduction to Brainwave Entrainment & Binaural Beats phenomena)


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Welcome to Instant Meditation Section

You must be thinking..

What is this 'Instant Meditation' ?

Can meditation be a fast food like 'Instant noodle ?

Of course not.

Meditation is a way of life. A process that can change the very foundation of your personality. And it takes time and patience to bring permanent & positive internal changes in our life through meditation.

However, in this series I want to tell you about something which is quite similar to meditation in its effects yet not meditation.

It is known as
Instant Meditation.

Instant meditation is not meditation in real sense of the world. You can call it a process of reverse engineering where meditation like effects are produced using audio-visual aids. It is being used by numerous people owing to its ability to produce near meditation like results in them.

Moreover, many scientific experiments have verified its effectiveness.

OK what I am talking about actually?

I am talking about listening to special kind of sounds through headphones and achieving an altered state of consciousness.

In fact instead of calling it an '
Altered State of Consciousness', we should call it a Non Ordinary State of Consciousness (NOSC). This NOSC produce results similar to what one experience in a state of meditation. Using this methodology, various specialized sounds have been developed which, depending upon their frequency, can produce different results like deep sleep, Relaxation, Hypnosis and 'Out of Body Experience' too.

This Non Ordinary State of Consciousness can be created and realized in lab like conditions and they have been successfully used to produce meditation like effects in people.

What separate them from normal meditation practice is that their results are instant and readymade. Unlike meditation practices, which take time to master and require lot of patience, these 'instant meditation methods' can be implemented successfully in the shortest time possible.

In this section, I am going to describe in detail
what and how of this method and how anybody can use it to get meditation like benefits quickly.

We should start by understanding the concept behind NOSC.

  : The Concept


Instant Meditation


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