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How Long should you meditate

How long should you meditate ?

This is one of the most asked questions on Meditation. How long should you meditate? Honestly speaking, there is no single answer. The answer depend on your expectations with meditation. If you are planning to live in an Ashram, Retreat Centre or any similar institution to devote yourself fully for the development of your spiritual […]

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Ego and mind : Are they same ?

Question: Then there is the ego, I get confused between the mind and ego, I feel they are one yet not one at the same time. From what I understand mind and ego are natural but because of conditioning of society the super Ego and unclear mind has developed. Is it as simple as just […]

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Awareness of body, environment & mind

Question : I find awareness of body and environment is easier compare to awareness of mind. When I try to be aware of the mind, it feels so subtle that I can get lost in it. It’s like when I watch mind it’s like watching a film, a movie, a TV show. Thoughts from the […]

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