A new 5 Week Meditation Course by My Friend


Life is going on with its full speed and perhaps I am missing the bus. My offline job (which is actually a full time day job ) is taking its toll on me. I am as short of time as one can be. This has resulted into a halt on my online activities here. Nevertheless, I feel that the Universe wants me to be like that only- at least for the present. And I am not complaining.

So what’s new ?

A few months ago, I got a rare opportunity to know  Giovanni Dienstmann (sort of difficult to pronounce name for a meditator :)) who runs a very popular meditation blog by the name  LiveandDare.  Being an Indian, it was a pleasant surprise to meet a western guy who had such a deep understanding of Indian Spirituality and Mythology. Giovanni is really a class apart when it comes to meditation. His blog is one of the most popular (perhaps number one) blogs on meditation out there. We became friendly very soon and I really feel enriched after my interaction with Giovanni.

5 week meditation course

Giovanni has started offering a  5 week meditation course on his website:

Master Your Mind: An In-depth 5-Week Meditation Course

I want to share this offering with you because I think that this meditation course is one of the best courses on meditation coming from a real and genuine person.

Here is a brief introduction of the course in the words of the guy who created it:-

About my course, it is composed of 35 short daily lessons, organized by week – each with its own unique themes, goals and insights. The program is self-paced, and the techniques are presented in a way that both secular and spiritually minded people can connect to. No particular belief or worldview is required for following the lessons.

Each day opens with an inspiring quote. Then you have the daily lesson, and finally a list of further resources to help you deepen your knowledge and clear your doubts. The instructions are ultra-specific, clear, and easy to follow.

This course will help the student :-

  • Develop the habit of meditating daily. You will start with sessions as short as 2 minutes, and increase gradually, up to 15-20 minutes.

  • Find the ideal technique for you. Each week I will introduce you to a new practice (such as mantra meditation, breathing awareness, chakra meditation, etc.). By the end of the course you will be well equipped to choose the technique that best suits your needs.

  • Have an optimal attitude towards meditation, so that you can enjoy the process as well as the result, and keep meditation as a lifetime habit.

  • Deepen your meditation and enhance your power of focus.

  • Integrate mindfulness into your daily life, through reminders, exercises, and daily challenges.


If you are planning to buy a course on ‘Meditation’ that will give you access to a real meditation master, look no further. This course has my highest recommendation. Go for it here : 5 Week Meditation Course

PS : For all of you who are expecting a meditation course from me, I want to clarify that right now I have no plan to start a Course per se. However, in very near future, I can come up with a book on Meditation. So stay updated by subscribing to my newsletter here.

The new design and a new beginning in 2016

New Start Pic

I wish you all a very happy new year 2016. I know I am a bit late in wishing you about new year but hey we are only 24 days into this year ! So it’s not that late I think.

The last post on this blog was made on 5th April, 2015. As such, this blog remained dormant for most part of 2015 ( a total of 10 months). Owing to some personal occupations that demanded my urgent attention, I could not blog here. Now I am back…Hopefully for good and for a long inning.

What’s New

The main website is fully responsive now. One of the most requested feature (or to say correctly the ‘criticism’) of the visitors of Meditationiseasy.com was to make it somewhat more professional and aesthetic- design wise.  The original website was built on static html pages and the whole site used to look as the work of a novice. To tell you the truth- the design was really poor.

Not anymore. Have a look at the main website here.  Check it in various devices you may be having with you. The site is now fully responsive and works perfectly in every device of every size. It is now suitable for desktop, Tablets and Smart Phone.

It has been a huge task to convert such a big website into a responsive design. However, with consistent focus, it has been done by our team.

What’s Next

The main focus will be on this blog. Expect to see regular activities here. We shall be posting useful articles on meditation, yoga, spirituality and other self-help topics (including productivity) on this blog.

The another focus will be social media. There will be deeper engagement on Facebook initially which will be spread to our Twitter, Pinterest & Google Plus pages.

The main focus is this website shall remain the same : To help busy people learn meditation and make it a part of their life.

See you soon.


What is the single most troublesome thing about meditation that bothers you ?


It has been a really long  time since I wrote you anything. Many of you must be waiting for the next issue of our Newsletter and, in fact, a lot of the new subscribers must be wondering whether we publish a newsletter at all.

Actually it was planned.

I was deliberately keeping a low profile and working on my meditation practices intensely.

Not only was I practicing meditation, I was also browsing and devouring various developments in the field of meditation – both offline and online.

So here I am with a request to you.

Would you consider giving me 2-5 minutes of your valuable time ?

Just for sharing your meditation questions with me?

I want to know the biggest problem you have about meditation. What is the single most troublesome thing about meditation that bothers you ? Any thing about meditation which make you uncomfortable? Something that has affected your progress?

Will you share it with me? I hope you will.

But why I want to know about it?

One simple answer and, frankly, a pretty selfish one : I want to grow myself.

I sincerely feel that every problem on meditation is a collective problem of humanity. For no matter, how different be our external circumstances, we all are part of a single organic whole. When you share your meditation questions with me, I get a deeper perspective of this entire science of meditation.

That way I will be able to serve you better.

So will you help me?

I hope so.

I have created a tiny one page questionnaire on my website where you will be asked six questions.

All these questions will normally take 2-5 minutes of your valuable time (umm.. you can take your own time. There is no alarm clock ticking there)

In lieu of this kind gesture on your part, I will give you a Free gift.

Now what is that ?

A powerful collection of Relaxing Music !

Relaxing Meditation Music
Relaxing Meditation Music

A set of 7 mp3 format meditation music which contains…

(1) 2 Beautiful and Restful Ambient Files

(2) 1 Emotion Stirring Celtic File

(3)  1 File For Achieving Chi

(4) 1 Beautiful Soft Strings Meditation File

(5)  1 Chanting Meditation File

This powerful and deeply soul-touching collection of meditation music will be yours for free.

Just for sharing your meditation questions with us.

Just complete a  small 1 page questionnaire about meditation and you will be instantly redirected to the download page.

So will you do this kind favor for me ?

Click this link

How I am going to help busy people in meditation?

As I told you in a previous article, this year my focus would be to help busy people learn meditation.

Despite a huge increase in its awareness, meditation has yet to become main stream. Many people still consider it a thing for monks & elderly or at least something which should only be tried in spare time. In fact many people whom I met told me that they planned to learn meditation some day.

On asking when that ‘some day’ would come, almost all replied that it would come when their life would be more organized, less stressful and they would be having sufficient time to devote for meditation.

Given the fast pace of present day life and given the increasing web of complexities in the lives of most of us, I seriously doubt that most of these people would find time to meditate in the near future.

But I am a positive thinker. You can consider me an ardent fan of Norman Vincent Peale. So I am not ready to give up.

I sincerely feel and believe that no matter how tough or busy your present life is, you can still find some quality time for meditation.

From quality time I mean at least 20-25 minutes from your precious schedule. Continue reading “How I am going to help busy people in meditation?”

Meditation for busy people : My aim for 2013

Hi all,

I have been a bit late in writing my first post this year. Hopefully, this delay will occur seldom or never from now.

For 2013, my aim is to help busy people learn meditation.

I know how difficult it becomes to meditate when you are busy.

I have a first hand experience because I am one of them.

I am one of the busiest people in town. Working full time on an extremely demanding job, living a married life, looking after a child, take care of the needs of the parents and living in an extremely competitive world.

I know how tough it becomes some time.

For me, the sole agenda for 2013 will be to help people like myself.

To help them reorganize their life, to help them be more productive in their day-to-day work schedule.

So that they can become smarter and find time for some meditation.

Because I know it that….

Those who don’t have time for meditation need it the most.

See you soon..