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Introduction to Meditation

What is Not Meditation

What is not Meditation

Before knowing anything about meditation, it is important to familiarize ourselves with all those practices and beliefs which are often considered as meditation but are NOT. (1) Meditation is NOT Concentration A big MISCONCEPTION : Meditation is just one form of concentration. When you concentrate, you constantly project your attention towards a particular task or […]

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What is Meditation

What is Meditation

What exactly is Meditation ? This is a question whose answer you must know if you really want to try it. There has been so much misconception about meditation that even the very experienced people develop a completely wrong understanding about it. In this article, I want to explain in the simplest possibly way what […]

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Self – Soul of meditation

An interesting experiment to understand the consciousness within I told you in the previous page (What is Meditation), Meditation deals with contacting the ‘consciousness’ within us, which by its very nature is peaceful, calm and rejuvenating. In order to understand mediation, it is important  to know this ‘consciousness’. In the spiritual language, this consciousness is […]

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Knowing the Knower

In meditation, we come in contact with self, our true identity. By regular practice of meditation, slowly we start knowing this self in its various facets. We start recognizing ourselves distinctively from our body and mind. Now many of you may ask : “OK, I now realized that I am separate from my body and […]

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How Meditation started?

How Meditation Started

In order to understand  meditation properly and to learn  to meditate, it is important that we know how meditation started . Let us acquaint ourselves with the concept behind the origin of meditation. Ever since the advent of humanity on earth, there are some questions that have kept bothering  men of every time and era. […]

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Anybody Can Meditate

Anybody can meditate

Well if someone asks you, “Can you mediate?” Your answer should be an emphatic yes. Because if you have understand clearly what is meditation, then you can meditate. Anyone can meditate, anytime, anywhere ! “Meditation is a systematic way of making our mind quiet so that we can contact our true identity -self, which is […]

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Benefits of Meditation (IMG Source:

Benefits of Meditation

Meditation, if done on a regular basis, can do wonders for you. Here are some basic benefits which you will draw by regular meditation . (1) Meditation makes us aware of the fact that we are intelligent. Something more on it:- Here are some famous quotes of Albert Einstein. Here he has talked about  those […]

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failure in meditation

Failure in Meditation : A detailed analysis

Reasons for Failure in Meditation People want to meditate and they really give it a try. However. a majority of them find it quite difficult to meditate. We often find people who complain of trying many meditation techniques with no results. Nothing seems to work for them.  In fact there is a huge majority of […]

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Is Meditation Really Easy ?

Two honest people  posted the following two messages in our Group on Google : (1) “I have spent years trying to meditate but I can’t! I have been to classes, I have bought tapes. Nothing works. My mind is too busy. No matter what I try I end up thinking of other things instead. Meditation […]

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