How I am going to help busy people in meditation?

As I told you in a previous article, this year my focus would be to help busy people learn meditation.

Despite a huge increase in its awareness, meditation has yet to become main stream. Many people still consider it a thing for monks & elderly or at least something which should only be tried in spare time. In fact many people whom I met told me that they planned to learn meditation some day.

On asking when that ‘some day’ would come, almost all replied that it would come when their life would be more organized, less stressful and they would be having sufficient time to devote for meditation.

Given the fast pace of present day life and given the increasing web of complexities in the lives of most of us, I seriously doubt that most of these people would find time to meditate in the near future.

But I am a positive thinker. You can consider me an ardent fan of Norman Vincent Peale. So I am not ready to give up.

I sincerely feel and believe that no matter how tough or busy your present life is, you can still find some quality time for meditation.

From quality time I mean at least 20-25 minutes from your precious schedule. Continue reading “How I am going to help busy people in meditation?”