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Three yogic aids of meditation are Deep Breathing, Deep Relaxation and Deep Contraction. These three aids are simple and easy to follow tools which will enhance your meditation practice in the shortest time. If you are a beginners, read these articles one by one carefully:-


Three Yogic aids in Meditation

Let me introduce you to 3 wonderful yogic (related to yoga, the ancient self-discipline art of India) aids in meditation. These 3 aids will immensely help in learning meditation easily and quickly. These aids are – Deep breathing, Deep relaxation and Deep contraction. Before describing them in detail , I want to answer this question […]

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Deep Breathing

Deep Breathing- First Aid in Meditation

Deep Breathing is the first and the most important aid of Meditation. As you will find in the later contents, breathing is one of the pivotal factor in a majority of Meditation techniques. As such, having a clear understanding of the physiology behind breathing and the role it plays in meditation is extremely important. In […]

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Breathing Mechanism Diagram

Breathing Mechanism

Before trying the technique of deep breathing, it is important to understand breathing mechanism in the body. The above diagram will help you understand the various steps involved in this process. When you breathe properly (that is with the mouth closed so that the air is inhaled through nasal passages) oxygen travels down the pharynx […]

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Deep breathing woman pic

How to adopt a habit of Deep Breathing : Two Easy Methods

There are many benefits of Deep breathing. However, very few of us are able to draw  these wonderful benefits for the simple reason that most of us breathe in a staccato jerks, shallow and aimless manner. We have become so used of this shallow breathing that it seems very natural to breath in this aimless […]

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Pause breath method pic

Learn Deep breathing through Pause breath Method

Let us learn a highly effective technique for automating the deep breathing.  This method is known as ‘The pause breath’ method. Besides being a  wonderful technique for learning and automating deep  breathing , this  pause breath method’  is also a powerful meditation technique. You can easily meditate using this technique whenever and wherever you want. […]

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This breathing technique is based on the concept of Associative Learning invented by famous scientist Ivan Pavlov

Pavlov Method of Deep Breathing

This method of deep breathing is based on the technique used by  Great Russian Scientist Ivan Pavlov (1849-1936) while introducing the concept of ‘conditioned reflexes’ .We will take the help of these ‘conditioned reflexes’ to make an unconscious habit of deep breathing. First of all, let us see what are these ‘Condition reflexes’ There are […]

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Deep Relaxation (Yog Nidra)

Deep Relaxation is the second of the three aids of meditation we have discussed till now. In the present era of extremely busy life, the art of deep relaxation can be of immense help to people. Most of us have forgotten the art of relaxation Consider this : Nomadic peoples all over Asia, journeying night […]

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Deep Contraction – the third yogic aid of meditation

To put it simply, deep contraction means- a willing stretch on body in a normal and natural way. It also means doing some physical exercise daily. But the physical exercise of deep contraction are very much different from what is generally meant by this. When I say – physical exercise it does not mean – […]

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Adopting three yogic aids of meditation in daily life

Well you just learned about three wonderful yogic aids in meditation. Now in the concluding part of this chapter, we shall see how to adopt a practice of these yogic aids in our life. You have learned the arts of : (a) Deep breathing : You have learned how to adopt a habit of deep […]

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