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About us 

How you can help ?

A little bit about this website & me........

This website was the creation of few students of Meditation from India. Eklavya (that's me) has been the  main co-coordinating body in publishing this site.  

     A majority of the articles have been written by me (except a few, the authors of which have been specified in the articles.). I am an ordinary  student of yoga & meditation based in New Delhi, India. Though I have build this site, very little of the concepts & philosophies behind it, originally belongs to me. 

In its collectiveness, this site is the  synthesis of most practical & useful techniques of meditation, yoga , and other tips and tricks that I have learnt in my personal endeavor on the subject. Originally these articles were written to help some Indian  teenagers who were facing difficulty in understanding/learning meditation. Since many people found these articles very useful, I decided to share them with everybody

  While planning about this site, I observed that complicated phrases, flowery language and long-winded sentences makes the already confused seeker even more confused. A direct and simple approach in conveying the knowledge of meditation can have far-reaching results. That's why the entire concept of Meditation has been described here in what many people considered as an 'idiot friendly approach !


Updated Approach since 2013

Being a busy person myself, I can easily relate to the problems a busy person (especially those living in an urban  environment) faces while trying meditation.

Therefore, apart from publishing content on this website about meditation, we shall be publishing various helpful articles on our Blog  about managing a busy life successfully.

  The best websites are those which keep evolving themselves. This website also  aims to provide it's visitors  all the latest & relevant information from the world of meditation, yoga and other stress-reduction techniques. So keep coming. You may subscribe to the RSS feed of this website here

Please note that this website doesn't  not represents any religious organization.  It is a tiny drop in the ocean of information available on Meditation . Nevertheless, I believe that it will be of great  help to all those who have just started meditation.

Many people have asked me to write something about myself in detail. To be honest I don't think there is much to write about. I live in India and work on an offline job. On a spiritual level, I think I still have a long way to go.

 Though I meditate regularly and do some Yoga also, I think it would be better if you consider me a student of meditation just like you !

On a personal level I am just like any other Indian guy.  I have a family to support, a job to do and some other responsibilities to fulfil. I love reading, writing, surfing internet, watching movies, meditation, yoga & travelling.

To take maximum benefit from this website, read the articles carefully, choose any technique, learn three aids of meditation and give meditation a try for at least three weeks.  In all likelihood, you'll be amazed with the results. 

Feel free to ask your Questions about meditation here:


In case you have any other question/query, you may contact me here

I wish you success in your spiritual journey !



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